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Ballyhoo: Testing... Testing... Is This Thing On?


I was going to name it, “New Website, Who Dis?”, but you know… that’s so a few years ago.  

Yes, surprise, we have a new website!  And really, this blog post is just to try out the “publish to Facebook and Twitter” button just so see what happens.  So, if you stumbled on this blog post from there well then High Five!  Welcome, and enjoy… if you can.  I have some blog posts that go back to 2019 if you really want to read the confused ramblings of someone trying to will a brewery into existence.  Some of it may be funny, but most of it equates to the monologue of a sad clown.  I had to copy and paste from the old website to the new, but I couldn’t bring myself to read old stuff.  I’d feel the need to edit it, and I wanted to preserve my words, as-is, for posterity.  

So here we are, new website.   Part of the growing up process for our brewery.  The old Squarespace site was fine and all, but it was just little old me doing the heavy lifting and I could never really make it look exactly how I wanted.  This new spiffy new home has a better listing of events, better ticketing then the thieves at Eventbrite, and maybe… just maybe… we can start selling some merch online.  

So, shout out to the good people at BentoBox who have stepped in to make me a website that I really like, especially from an under-the-hood perspective.  Side note about BentoBox, it’s really unfortunate that their website is… I mean, come on, who doesn’t read that as a “get bent” insult.  Maybe I’ve watched The Simpsons too much in my life.

So that’s it.  That’s the blog post.  I have things to talk about, and those words will flow forth soon.   This quick post was mainly to see how my words directly publish to the Zucker mothership and to twitter.  Will I keep that link, I’ll know shortly with a press of a button.  See you soon!

October 11, 2021
Written while drinking Peachopotamus Lemonade Stand, by 4 Noses Brewing Company.

Post-Publishing Edit: Ha! It didn't work.  In some ways I'm happy.  I'd rather this be something you stumble across anyway.